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Filtration Service You Can Count On

Because your SX-EW Mine strives to produce the purest copper cathodes possible, efficient SX Filtration technology is tantamount to that success. It represents an investment for producing superior copper product which translates to larger profits.

As the innovator of DI-SEP® SX Filtration technology more than 30 years ago, Smith & Loveless is proud to offer Parts & Services for maximizing filtration performance throughout the lifetime of your equipment. We support your investment through S&L Service, equipment retrofits and parts supply.

S&L Service delivers a variety of services designed to be flexible and simple for your facility’s needs. These include installation, maintenance contracts, periodic inspections and remote technical support. With S&L Service, there are many time-saving and cost-savings benefits for you.

O&M Training


Installation & Inspection

Field Service

Technical Assistance & Shipping

After pioneering SX filtration technology 30 years ago, Smith & Loveless DI-SEP can provide excellent technical support and spare parts assistance for your DI-SEP® SX Filters. Additionally, we provide direct shipping to all mines sites, minimizing hassle for operations and procurement staffs. Contact us to obtain complete spare parts list & pricing.