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Advancing Wastewater Treatment & Pumping at Mines

Smith & Loveless maintains leadership in the manufacture of pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment systems and pumping equipment. For more than 70 years, industries around the United States and the world have relied on cost-saving S&L equipment to meet their water handling needs. Our systems offer distinct advantages and long-term cost-saving benefits brought forth from some of the industry’s most unique systems concepts. Smith & Loveless maintains an extensive list of clients in the industrial sector, serving a variety of markets. Below is a sampling of our featured water/wastewater systems.

Wastewater Treatment Systems

TITAN MBR Membrane Systems for Water Reuse
ADDIGEST® & Container Packaged Systems for Man-Camps
S&L FAST® Systems for Variable Flow Conditions
OXIGEST® Systems Large Flow / High BOD Applications

Flow capacities from 5,000 GPD – 3 MGD+ (18.9 – 11,400 m3/d+), effluent quality of <3 mg/l BOD and <1 mg/l TSS

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Non-Clog S&L Pumps & Packaged, Above-Grade Pumping Systems

• Superior S&L Pump Design Results in 3x Longer Life
• Eliminate Confined Space Issues for Inspection
• Designed for Superior Wire-to-Water Efficiency

Sizing from 4” – 12” (100 – 300 mm), from 10 – 300 Hp (7.5 – 225 kW), and capacity up to 5,000 GPM (316 lps) per pump

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Solids Separation & Water Filtration

• Complete Range of Solids Separation Systems – Including Heavy Particle Separation Systems, Clarifiers, Filters, & DAF
• Proven, Reliable Technology and Process Expertise by S&L
• Designed to Minimize Space Concerns and Operator Requirements

Consult S&L for system requirements and capacities for each application

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