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Maintain Spare Parts to Optimize SX Performance

Like any process equipment in corrosive environments, the key to maintaining optimal DI-SEP SX Filter performance over time is maintaining an essential parts inventory and media supply. Taking a proactive approach as recommended by your O&M Manual significantly reduces operational downtime, essentially providing inexpensive insurance against lost production time.


Item Rec. Qty. Tips & Benefits
Filter Media Complete Back-up for Single Tank Re-bedding the DI-SEP® SX Filter with new media every 12-16 months will maintain consistent filtration performance over time. Stocking the correct media is essential. Addtionally, anthracite should be replenished as needed from operational attrition.
Valve Repair Kits (1) Doz. per Valve Size Maintain kits for all valve sizes. This allows quick repairs when alternative lead times for unique parts can take months.
Blower Repair Kits (1) Kit Allows quick repairs; alternative lead times can take months.
Laterals (1) complete Set (Screened) Inventorying one set of screened laterals will prevent more expensive production losses. If your DI-SEP® SX Filters utilize mesh screen, we recommend augmenting to significantly more durable wedge wire screening.